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Personal Finance Manager Software

If you’re looking for personal finance manager software, you’re biggest task won’t be to find one. It will be to choose one.

You can choose personal finance manager software you access online or download the software and use it on your desktop.

Got an iPhone or Android smart phone? There are personal finance manager software apps for them as well as for iPads and Android tablets.

So how you can choose the right one?

First, make a list of the features you want. Here are some examples




Simple checkbook register

Checkbook register with budgeting

Budgeting with alerts (if you overspend)

Mobile (use on phone or tablet)

Download data to desktop computer

Track Investments

Bring all my financial info together in one place

Access program online

Access program on desktop

Use program on Windows computer

Use program on Mac

Once you go over this list and check the features/functions most important to you, it should be much easier for you to choose your personal finance manager software.


Here are quick overviews of some of the more popular personal finance manager software programs.

Probably the most popular online finance manager. Is the “Swiss Army Knife” of the programs. Does just about everything. Can be used online or downloaded to your desktop. Iphone app available. Free.


The new kid on the block. Available online only. Offers all the features you could want except investment tracking. iPhone app available. Free


Easy to use program that is an electronic version of old “envelopes” budgeting system. Connects with most banks and has bill pay. Is the most expensive of these programs at $7.90 per month.


Desktop only. Refers to itself as the “gold standard of Mac personal finance management software. Very full featured with with easy, powerful, familiar Mac interface. Does everything including ability to print custom checks. $46.21 (on Amazon)

You Need A Budget

Does just what its name suggests – creates “better budgeting” than anyone. Claims that if you follow its four rules, you’ll have a $200 turn around in one month. Runs on Macs, PCs, Linux machines. $60

Android Personal finance manager apps

EasyMoney – Offers a fsolid set of features, which include srecurring transactions, color coded budgets, customizable financial reports, upcoming and overdue bill notifications, and more. $9.96

Nickel Tracker – Like Mvelopes, this program is built around the envelope concept to help you stick to a budget. You set up categories, enter your purchases and see exactly what you spent by week or month. Free

iPhone personal finance manager apps

Two of the most popular of these apps for iPhone are:

Mint iPhone app – this app automatically enters your transactions and updates your account balances. It proviss alerts in real time for low account balances, for being over budget in any category or for unusual spending activity. Free

PocketMoney – this iPhone app is nice in that it keep data entry to the minimum yet offers tools for tracking your accounts and budgeting. Also offers spending analysis and allows you to back up and export your financial data. $9.99.

Do you need help with your debts?

There might not be an app for this but there is a great website. Go to Debt Consolidation USA and check into its program for debt settlment. This company has helped hundreds of families become debt free in 24 to 48 months and with affordable plans. Go to now to learn more.

Shop Insurance

The process of insurance by which people can safeguard their business interest by protecting their commercial property and all kinds of investments involved into it is the Shop Insurance. The shop insurance is possible through various shop insurance policies available at various insurance companies in UK. Shop insurance policy is a complete policy which has been designed to protect the premises and important contents of your shop. It also provides accidental benefits and some financial help against your insurance claims.

Scope of coverage

There are certain important points that are to be kept in mind while purchasing the best shop insurance policy for you and for your business.

  • Any damage to the shop premises and to the contents which include fixtures and fittings, due to any accident, fire or any natural calamity should be covered under the policy.
  • The policy should also have appropriate provisions for the stock that are stocked in, so that they can also be covered against unforeseen losses.
  • Amount of cash kept in safe at your shop should also be covered under the policy along with the cash in transit.
  •  The policy should be able to provide financial assistance for repair and     replacement of glass damaged due to any type of accidents
  • Damage caused to the visibility of the shop in terms of damaged signboards should also be covered by the policy.
  • The insurance policy also ensures that if an employee faces an injury during his course of work, the policy should provide financial assistance in that case. Employer’s Liability Insurance is mandatory in UK.
  • Incase of insurance claims against any public injury caused with in the premises is also covered by the shop insurance policy.

 Therefore, it is advisable to select your insurance policy wisely to get best coverage at most affordable rates.