They Are Saving Thousands Of Dollars

Credit card debt is something that can get out of control very quickly. There are many reasons why this happens and it can be devastating for anyone. There is some relief for those who get in over their heads and this was good news for my friends Mike and Sandy. When Sandy lost her job, they began to use their credit cards for groceries and other necessities. They maxed them out and now they can barely make the minimum payments on them. They decided to research credit card consolidation because they feel that this is a good option for them. They found a company who acts a matching service who put them in touch with the best consolidation company that is right for them. This was a huge relief for them.

They were able to help them by negotiating for a better settlement amount on each card and this helped them out tremendously. There is now a credit card consolidation plan in motion that will allow them to be debt free in about three years. This is incredible news for them and they are thrilled that they were able to receive this type of assistance. They also love the fact that they are now only paying one monthly payment instead of sending out ten to twelve payments each and every month. This is a lot more convenient for them and they are looking forward to the day that they are completely debt free. This is truly something to look forward to.